The Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search Tool

Mimo Usenet newsreader has been programmed in Java so it should work on Windows, Mac and Linux. At present, Linux does not seem to be supported and we have had some difficulties trying to make it work with WINE. It’s surprising that the company chose to go to Java, though it has faster downloads and browsing, but the engineers at Giganews and Golden Frog are a good group and I have no doubt they will be able to remedy those little faults.

Other interesting features of Mimo include: Integrated Image, viewing thumbnails, text, binary filter, image types, automatic decompression RAR and PAR technology. Mimo Usenet newsreader appears to be partnered with the Golden Frog search tool which at first glance appears more interesting than the newsreader itself.

Golden Frog Usenet Search

The Golden Frog Usenet search appears to have servers optimized for speed and is able to perform accurate searches of binaries among all groups. In addition to rapid binary searches across multiple newsgroups, Usenet Search Golden Frog can execute binary search based on a particular theme instead of a simple title search. What this all means remains to be seen and we look forward to their technology preview, but given the excellence of the technical team of Giganews, we have little doubt that Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet search will be an excellent equivalent product.

Mimo Features:

● Downloads, navigation and search-optimized for speed

● Optimized search for news servers with long retention

● Viewing of the integrated thumbnail images

● Filtering of images, text and binary.

● Automatic decompression technology RAR and PAR

● Integrated Giganews Accelerator Technology

● Integrated Golden Frog Usenet Search

Golden Frog Usenet Search Features:

● Servers optimized for speed

● Binary search through all groups

● Binary search based on a theme

Mimo Usenet Browser is new, very powerful, and easy to use. Golden Frog began in partnership with Giganews in order to create a quick and easy Usenet experience. Although this is still in development, research has come a long way and we expect it to advance even further in the near future. Currently, Mimo is only available to subscribers of Diamond Giganews. They put their new technologies and innovations available to their best members first.

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