Revolutionizing NZB Files Downloading through Unzbin

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If you like Usenet but you find that it is too complicated to use, or that you want to put your money into a good newsreader- especially if you like the client uTorrent and want to find something similar to Usenet, you are in luck with Unzbin! Unzbin is a program that promises to revolutionize the Usenet downloading world. It focuses on one thing and one thing only, and consequently does it very well – the download and processing of NZB files, and the best part is that it is completely free. Even if you have already purchased another client, you will enjoy Unzbin and should give it a try. Unzbin is light years ahead of Grabitalt.binz and all the other competitors, in my opinion.

Unzbin is very similar to the client uTorrent, but it is a masterpiece of programming work. The guys over at Unzbin headquarters really did a good job. The Unzbin client is very light, easy to use and is always undergoing continuous improvement. I’ve been running it for only a few days and there is already an update available.


For such an amazing program, you were probably expecting a large price tag, right? Well the best part of Unzbin is that it is free. You have nothing to lose by trying it. Even if you already have a preference for newsbin and NewsLeecher, you may well end up adopting Unzbin instead.

Usenet Search

Unzbin does not offer Usenet search function. As mentioned, it focuses on one thing but done very well.

NZB Compatibility

Unzbin is 100% compatible with the NZB format. The client is written specifically for extracting and downloading NZB files.

Platform Information

Newsbin only works on Windows and is based on the Dot Net platform. I have not heard any rumors concerning a mac or linux versions as of yet. If you need help installing the program, or are interested in switching over to Windows, I know a Soho IT support company that will be able to help you if you’re in that area.


Run Unzbin download. It is on the same level of quality as NewsbinNewsleecher in terms of the possibility of downloading and extracting files.

Key Features

  • Automatic decompression of RAR files, etc … – Several other news clients do this, but this is a great feature.
  • RSS integration – It’s very well done and Unzbin differentiates its process from its competitors. Configured, RSS integration makes finding content easy!
  • Perfect for novices
  • Similar small icons to Utorrent.
  • Heap DisQ Technology
  • Ability to search integrated updates!
  • Active community of volunteers available to help with any issues
  • Multiple downloads
  • Automatic message decoding
  • Compatibility with Yenc, UUencode, base64
  • Automatically pauses when necessary
  • Checking, repair and automatic decompression of files
  • RSS / ATOM compatibility with regex filters
  • Full SSL compatibility
  • Powerful planning

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